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Technical Parameters

Laboratory high-shear vacuum mixer product design novel, advanced manufacturing technology. Drive motor using large power,

high speed, compact micro-motor, transport Safe and reliable operation of the state variable speed governor to facilitate speed

control; shear emulsification mixing head are all made of high quality stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, Configuration of

the interchangeable stator, easy disassembly and other features.

Stir the unique structure of the work head to ensure that the working head of the rotor driven by high-speed motor, with a high linear

speed of rotation,Produce strong liquid shear and severe high-frequency mechanical effects, prompting the experimental fluid intake

from the bottom of the experimental vessel in the rotor area for intensive mixing, and through Centrifugal force thrown from the stator

hole collide with each other.

Stator clearance flow to prevent a lot of media rotation, and in a very small space to play a high performance, Performance than

ordinary mixing about a thousand times higher, dispersed, homogeneous, emulsified material size up to nano-scale.

With sophisticated rotor and stator in the role of centrifugal force phase Mutual shear, so that the experimental material to withstand

up to tens of thousands of times per minute shear, tear, impact and mixing, so as to achieve shear homogenization emulsifying effect

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