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1, equipment production 
According to the contract requirements, we will start after the deposit of equipment production, production cycle according to the equipment configuration may be. 

2, delivery 
After the production, you can choose the factory from the delivery or by our agent for your shipment. 

3, equipment installation and commissioning 
When the equipment arrives, we will arrange for the technical engineer to install the equipment to your company. After the commissioning is completed and the qualified product is produced, the equipment will enter the warranty period. The two sides will sign the equipment transfer agreement.

4, technical training 
Our technical engineers will send training to your company's workers on safe operation, precautions and routine maintenance until the skilled operation. 

5, equipment maintenance 
In the warranty period, such as product quality problems, Party A received a written notice of Party B after the timely designation of technical guidance or sent to the site maintenance; warranty period, Party A is responsible for providing long-term best maintenance and information services. 

6, service hotline: 
Guangzhou Po Limei Technology Co., Ltd. has a dedicated service hotline, all product problems, suggestions or failures can be fed back to us. Please do not hesitate and contact our experts in time. 

We have a professional excellent after-sales service team, is committed to providing customers with the best quality after-sales and related installation training services to ensure that 100% customer satisfaction.



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