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TFM-S Semi-auto Aluminum Tube Filling&Sealing Machine


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Technical Parameters

Semi-automatic filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject all kinds of paste, paste, viscosity fluid and other materials into the hose, and complete the hot air heating, tail sealing and batch number, production date and so on.The structure of the machine is compact, manual tubing is manual, and the transmission part is completely closed.The machine automatically completes filling, hot-melting, tail sealing, coding, the whole process of production.Easy to operate, easy to adjust and disassemble.Especially suitable for the production of multi-specification hose users, easy to adjust.The material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel, clean, sanitary, fully in accordance with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.The utility model has the function of no tube filling and overload protection.

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