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    air-cooled type box industrial chiller/ air-cooled water chiller

  • Material:SUS316

    Function:Mixing, heating and homogenizing

    Brand Name:P&M Promixer

    Mixing Speed:0~60r/min

    Homogenizing speed:0~3000r/min

    Certification:CE UL

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1.Industrial Water Chiller has complete specification with small size ,chilled water circulating pump built  inside,reasonable design,electrostatic plastic spraying shell,European design and beautiful and graceful appearance 
2.Compressors adopt the new and famous brand compressors imported from Europe,Japan and the United  States with the feature of environmental protection, energy saving and can be placed diectly at working site to avoid the cooling loss caused by far distance. 
3.Evaproator use the efficient and internal thread tube having th U--shape design,small size,high efficiency and easy cleaning&maintenance 
4.water cooling medium,be free from the impact of any environment temperature changes , the dusty working site and severe environment and on the normal operation of machinery. 
5.Best suited for high--temperature and strong corrosion & severe pollution industries such as chemical,surface treatment,the plastic industry.


The air-cooled chiller is mainly used to cool the heating components of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates normally at a constant temperature.Plastic processing machinery mold cooling can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, so that the product does not shrink, deformation, facilitate the release of plastic products, accelerate product set, thereby greatly improving the plastic molding Machine production efficiency;

Product Name产品名称                

Industrial Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller Air Cooled Water Chiller工业低温循环冷水机组空气冷却式冷水机组                

Temperature Range温度范围                


Cooling capacity冷却能力                

0℃ - 1.5kW,  -10℃ - 1kW , -20℃ -0.55kW                

Circulation pump循环泵                

Max20L/min  0.7BAR                

capacity of liquid storage液体储存能力                




Operating controller操作控制器                

Display setting temperature and testing temperature; Touch key display显示设定温度和测试温度;触摸键显示                


220V 60HZ three-phases                




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