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    TB-S Semi-automatic Round And Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Material:SUS316

    Function:Mixing, heating and homogenizing

    Brand Name:P&M Promixer

    Mixing Speed:0~60r/min

    Homogenizing speed:0~3000r/min

    Certification:CE UL

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Labeling of cylindrical objects suitable for all kinds of small taper flat bottle labeling, such as xylitol,  cosmetic bottle, bottle etc.. Can realize the whole week / half week labeling, the circle is the back labeling, marking the distance can be arbitrarily adjusted. Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


1.Suitable for labeling round bottle in different sizes.
2. Labeling bottle adjustable, meeting different before and after the workpiece labeling needs.
3.Efficiency is as high as 10-45pcs/minutes.
4.Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.
5.Putting the bottle to orientation part by manual and fix the bottle.
6.Labeling affect is perfect, no creases, no bubble, grade high, to increase product competitiveness.
7.The brand PLC and sensor etc electronic components, performance more stable.
8.Modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low.
9.High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically, easy to operate.



Capacity 生产力

0-40 bot/min

Labeling accuracy贴标精度


Supply voltage电源电压

220v  50Hz



Bottle type瓶型




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