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the 49th China (guangzhou) international art exposition
Time:2018-08-02 09:47:00    Read:261 Time

Time: 2018/9/2-4
Location: China import and export commodities fair a. / area C/guangzhou read river road 380
The exhibition scale: 300000 square meters

The exhibition generalization

China international beauty expo was founded in 1989, has successfully held the 47th. Since 2016 the year 3, 3, September held in guangzhou, China import and export commodities trading hall, in Shanghai in May, held national conference and exhibition center (hongqiao); Exhibition area of 660000 square meters, has become the global professional exhibitions, cosmetic line, professional line, pipeline, the whole industry chain cover. The exhibition attracted a total Chinese provinces and much of Asia, Europe, the americas, Oceania and other countries and regions participating enterprises. In addition, beauty salon, professional media and professional training schools around the chamber of commerce, associations and the propaganda, China beauty expo international beauty industry has become the big authoritative information communication platform.

China beauty expo international famous brand, the elite, is an ideal platform to the personage inside course of study to implement one-stop sourcing plans. In addition, during the exhibition held a series of both academic and commercial activity and high-end BBS, derivative, retail, masks, medical beauty, tattoos, raise hair, nail, such as multiple topics, invited experts, industry elite, and the new science and technology, market and trends in the industry to share information, helping the industry to find business opportunities and grasp the market dynamics.

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