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2020 in-cosmetics global
Category: Exhibition News
Date: 2020-03-05
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Author: P&M Promix
European COSMETICS raw materials - IN COSMETICS is the world's leading COSMETICS, toiletries and personal care industry raw materials and ingredients of the international exhibition. Held each spring in Europe reincarnation, attracting the world's top suppliers, research and development, as well as the production and marketing professionals to come to the exhibition, is one of the most inspiring new ingredients, the new technology, new solutions and cutting-edge product platform; Also for the industry to provide comprehensive education opportunities and cosmetics industry technology breakthrough, trends and related regulations. 

Innovation Zone - new product exhibit will show cosmetics raw material suppliers and manufacturers of new products. Country Market focus - exhibition activity every year will launch a national Market focus topic, to attract many professional attention to guest countries of new products and special products, is China's this year. We will focus on promoting innovation raw materials from China. Market trends presentation - in today's Market competition environment, obtain accurate, new Market information is very important. Here, each of the major international brands are the enterprises to participate in this activity, presenting to you the latest new trend of development of the market. 

After 23 years of history, the European cosmetics raw materials exhibition has developed into the industry leading trade platform, the site has become a similar professional search engine sites, industry professionals can search on the site within the required products, understand industry trends, such as through participate in the process of the exhibition can learn a lot of marketing plan, can very good operating stores.
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