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2019 ShangHai CBE Beauty Expo
Category: Exhibition News
Date: 2019-05-20
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Author: pmpromier
Shanghai international hairdressing cosmetic exposition by the Shanghai beauty salon industry association and the upper highshow bo exhibition co., LTD., jointly organized, founded in 1999, and March 2011 has successfully held the 14 th. The exhibition attracted a total from most provinces in China and Asia, Europe and other countries and regions participating enterprises. Show the world the forefront of fashion trend products, together for the domestic and foreign audiences and present the buyer a feast to the fusion display and communication. Exhibits range beauty skin care products, cosmetics, professional salon products and equipment, professional hair products, beauty equipment, beauty health care products, beauty and slimming, cosmetics such as perfume. In addition, beauty salon, professional media and professional training schools around the chamber of commerce, association and so on also to propaganda; Is everything, both professional and comprehensive. 

Shanghai international art fair is an ideal platform to the personage inside course of study to implement one-stop sourcing plans. The exhibition held at the same time "the 10th Shanghai international salon MeiRongJie". Both academic and commercial activity and high-end BBS, beauty, hairdressing, manicure, and many other topics covered, invited experts, industry elite, participating in the industry to share the latest science and technology, market and trend information, enriched the connotation of the expo is more and more attractive. 

Through the Shanghai international art expo such professional platform can promote the interaction of Chinese and foreign market, so as to more effectively promote the development of domestic beauty industry, consumers can also get a richer this better choice.


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