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Emulsification Series Emulsification Series

Definition of vacuum emulsifier
Mainly refers to the material in a vacuum state, the use of high-shear emulsifier quickly and evenly one phase or multiple phase distribution to another continuous phase, the use of mechanical machinery to bring strong kinetic energy, so that the material in the fixed rotor narrow In the gap, hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shear per minute. Centrifugal extrusion impact tear and other comprehensive effects, instantly uniform dispersion of emulsification, into the high frequency of the cycle, and ultimately get no bubbles and delicate and stable high-quality products.

Use and application areas
The products are mainly used in daily chemical care products, bio-medicine, food industry, paint ink, nano-materials, petrochemical, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper industry, pesticide fertilizer, plastic rubber, power electronics, other fine chemicals, Large, high solids content of the material emulsion configuration is more effective.

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