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TFM Filling & Sealing Machine TFM Filling & Sealing Machine
Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine main dividing mechanism drive with a fixture of the rotary table is used as the intermittent movement, of complete automatic tube feeding, automatic to mark, automatic filling and inside and outside the heating pipe, sealing, pressure, trimming, finished product exit and a series of functions. Filling accurate measurement, stable heating time, adjustable, sealing beautiful, neat appearance, strong and health. Trimming is flat and level. The machine is set to 10 stations, action can be done automatically. The machine running stable and reliable.

The whole machine and some related parts contacting material are made of high-quality stainless steel need to wash part selects the quick change device, easy unpick and wash. Some materials need to heating insulation, tank external heating thermostatic device can be mounted to the system. Those who use plastic pipe and pipe as the material of packaging materials, can be at ease to choose the machine. Suitable for cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesives, shoe polish, etc, and other related industries.

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