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CIP Cleaning equipment CIP Cleaning equipment
CIP cleaning system, widely used in alcohol, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Including container tanks, pipes, pumps, filters, etc, and the whole production line under the premise of without artificial remove or open, made a reservation in a period of time, to a certain temperature cleaning fluid through the airtight pipeline testing of the inner surface of spray circulation and achieve the purpose of cleaning.
  • EDI-System
    EDI electrodialysis purify ultra pure water treatment system for medical
  • CIP cleaning system
    Food grade CIP system used CIP system CIP cleaning system
  • CIP cleaning system
    Food grade CIP system used CIP system CIP cleaning system
  • EDI-System
    EDI module ultra pure water system for medical
  • Ozone-Generator
    Factory 3G Portable ozone generator for air and water treatment
  • UV-lamp
    Diving Germicidal Lamp, UV Germicidal Lamp, Water Treatment Germicidal Lamp for Water Treatment

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